Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Barefoot Running Book, by Jason Robillard

Probably the biggest help I've had in my effort to learn barefoot running is The Barefoot Running Book, by Jason Robillard. I read through a few other books and they all disagreed on many points. Jason, at the beginning of the book, acknowledges this fact, and instead of giving yet another method that contradicts everyone else's, he promises to tell you only the things that most barefoot runners agree on. He says that all the other details are mostly preference and every runner runs their own way. He then goes on to recommend a bunch of other people to go to if his method doesn't work for you. If that doesn't sell you, this might: when he released the book, he first put it online for free for a short time and told everyone that downloaded it to email it to all their friends.

I think his purpose is clear, and it isn't money. He just wants to convert us to barefoot running. Credentials sell me less than intentions. An insincere man with a PHD is fine with being wrong as long as people believe him. A sincere man can do just as much research without the certificate, and is therefore the one I'll choose to trust. Jason Robillard does just that for a living. His book is primarily a compilation of other people's research and experiences. Of course, his own touch is present, but there isn't much in it that disagrees with other barefoot runners' opinions. In fact, he praises their work.

The book is an entertaining read. The chapters are concise and easy to get through, yet thorough. The book itself is reassuringly small. His program is simple and flexible and has yet to lead me astray. I am not yet advanced enough to really know what I am talking about, but I have yet to find anything to be concerned about.

I highly recommend it. If you want to get a little taste of Jason's philosophy, read the first 52 pages of his book or check out his website. He has shoe reviews, training tips, and all kinds of fun stuff on his site. It's worth a look.

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