Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Neo Trails Delayed, Aqua Lites Coming Tomorrow

Yesterday, I got an email saying that my aqua lites shipped. I was confused because I'd ordered the neo trails two days before the aqua lites. Today, I got another email saying that they've been having some issues and the neo trails would be delayed another day or two.

Oh well. The aqua lites are the most important. I can't run until I get them. But it really is frustrating that I have to wait even longer for the neo trails. Fortunately, the ground isn't covered in snow yet.

Anyway, I'm missing a day of running this week because of the wait. If the neo trails were here and not the aqua lites, I would run outside in some grass or something. But alas, it's too cold outside for bare feet and all I have are thick-soled shoes and too-small Merrell True Gloves. If I was tougher, I'd still run barefoot, but I'm not.

On a lighter not, I'm trying to educate myself about barefoot running as much as I can, and I'm writing an essay about it. It's primarily an informative essay that seeks to establish the legitimacy of barefoot running.

I wrote a rough draft. Now I'm reading some of Daniel Leiberman's work in order to better educate myself on the science behind it. I'm also trying to find sources to cite. Most of what I know is from people like Jason Robillard and Michael Sandler, who have plenty of experience, but no PHD next to their names. Citing Daniel Leiberman, being a Harvard researcher, would give me credibility.

I hope that, in writing this essay, I'll become comfortable enough in my knowledge that I can talk about it confidently with people that ask questions.

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