Monday, November 21, 2011

Tempo Run, 4 Laps

I ran a four lap tempo run today. For those that don't know, a tempo run is a faster run for a shorter distance. It should be faster than your usual pace, but slow enough that conversation is still possible, though difficult.

I ran a little to fast at the beginning and wore myself out midway through. I had to slow down. However, I'm not too upset because I'm still new to this. I imagine I'll have a much better feel for this after doing it for a while. However, I finished and felt good about it. Whether or not I went to fast at the beginning, I'll still benefit from it.

I'm getting more used to my aqua lites. I love them. They're the best. And the fit is just fine. What I'm not yet used to is walking in them. Normally, the only barefoot/minimalist walking I do is to and from the indoor track, and until now, I did that in my Merrell True Gloves, which have thicker soles. Thus, I haven't quite learned the art of barefoot walking form.

Sometimes, my knee starts to hurt a little bit as I walk to the indoor track. I'm working on a softer landing, but it's harder than running because walking is normally heel-first. However, I think I'm just so used to walking in padded shoes. I can't wait until I get my neo trails because then I'll be pad-free. I'll be forced to learn barefoot-form because I'll be doing it all the time. Only on sundays will I ever wear anything with a raised heel.

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