Thursday, November 10, 2011


I was going to do hill repeats (stairs) yesterday, but I was busy all day until 9 and the gym was full of people, and that's the only indoor place with lots of stairs to run. Instead, I decided to run a mile and try to improve my time.

First off, I should've waited until a little later because I had eaten a cupcake 45 minutes before. I thought it wouldn't be much of a problem, but my stomach felt heavy throughout the run.

My time was 7:05. I was sure that I was running faster than last time, but my time stunk. So now I'm wondering what was different last time. Did I miscount my laps? Was I much more prepared for my run? I don't know. However, I realize that 7 minutes still isn't half bad for a beginner, so I should be happy about it. I'll beat 6:40 later.

Good news, I ordered a pair of VivoBarefoot Neo Trails. I've been wanting to convert to minimalist shoes entirely, for casual, athletic, and formal use. These will be my casual shoes for now since winter's coming on and it snows a ton where I am. They're water-proof and they have a good tread. When summer comes around, I'll run trails with them. I'm stoked to get them. I think it'll make a big difference to be walking and running correctly all day every day (except sunday) rather than for an hour every other day.

My Merrell True Gloves don't really count since they're too small. I think my feet are growing wider because they're getting tight. This is a good thing. My feet are changing. But I'm afraid to run in them. I use them to walk to the indoor track for my run. They allow my feet to flex and warm up, which is still nice, but the tightness and small toebox make them bad for running. Good thing I run barefoot.

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