Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Stem Footwear

I've been looking around for a good casual minimalist shoe that won't draw attention. My Merrell True Gloves are too flashy and clownish for an everyday shoe. Unfortunately, almost all minimalist footwear are flashy. It's like the hybrid car movement. I've always said that the main reason I won't get a hybrid car is that they look funny. Why can't they look like normal cars? Why can't they make minimalist shoes that look normal? Not all of us want to draw attention. I just want a thin flexible sole and a wide toe-box. That's all.

To my delight, I found Stem Footwear. All the reviews I've seen are positive. So far, they only have one shoe, and it's a slightly sporty casual shoe, which is basically what I've been looking for. It has a more conservative appearance for a minimalist shoe. Plus, it's about $90, which is a bit cheaper than most minimalist shoes, averaging over $100. I'm considering saving up and buying myself a christmas present this year.

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