Monday, October 31, 2011

7 Laps

I ran 7 laps today. My usual routine is to walk to the track in my Merrell True Gloves, and to walk barefoot around the track once before starting my run. Until I started barefoot running, I didn't quite see the benefit of warming up first. I knew intellectually that it was good, but I didn't feel the difference directly. However, when barefoot running, I need to wake up my feet first, and not just in minimalist shoes. I always feel a little stiffness and discomfort in my feet when I warm up. In fact, I usually worry a little bit that it will continue during my run. In the past, when I was overworking, it did. However, now it fades quickly after I start running. It's so nice to run a mile without any pain. That might sound funny to you, but I'm still getting used to it. Before now, I couldn't run at all without getting shin splints or top of the foot pain. I got another small blister on one toe. However, this time, I didn't feel the hot spot before I finished. Better than last time. I hope this doesn't keep happening, though.

I saw another barefoot runner there. I was a little excited at first, but that quickly faded when I saw her form. She was pounding the ground, heel striking. It was loud. At the end of her run, she sprinted a lap. I was doing that a few weeks ago (sans the heel-strike) and I paid the price. Sprinting is fine if you've worked your way up to it, but it was quite obvious given her form and shape that she was not an experienced runner. Maybe she's just starting. Hopefully she'll see the light soon.

I was tired at the end, more tired than I've been since my first run this year. Once again, I'm afraid I won't be progressing as fast as I'd like. However, I've observed that my lungs are dying before my muscles, so if I improve my diet and hydration, I'll probably be able to go longer. On the flipside, my form is improving. It's easier for me not to bounce or push off. It's easy to land softly. My calves are still a little tight, but I imagine that they'll begin to relax as they get stronger. When I started two weeks ago, I was doing calf-raises after my runs to maximize my progress, but I feel my calves are getting a sufficient workout from the run itself now that I'm going over a mile.

Things are great. Hopefully I can continue progressing at this rate. I've been going on a few dates with a runner lately. She ran a marathon and I'm barely going over a mile, so I hope she never wants me to run with her until I can run at least two miles. But that won't be for a few weeks.

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