Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Counting Problem

I have never had a problem with counting, especially when I'm only counting to five. However, today, just like monday, I lost count of my laps. I ran either five or six laps. My feet are fine and I didn't feel anything during the run, so even if it was six when it was supposed to be five, no harm done.

Five isn't that big a number, so I think that unless I can train my mind to keep track, I'll need to compensate somehow. I like to think that my mind will get the hint and start focusing. We'll see. Six laps on friday. I'm going to continue increasing by a lap per run until the end of next week, finishing on nine. After that, I'll start increasing by a lap a week instead. I'll be running around a mile and a half by then, so I'll need to slow down my progression a little bit. However, since I'm planning to increase by approximately 10% a week, it'll speed up eventually.

Once I hit about three miles, then I'll really start expanding my horizons. I'll start doing fartlek runs, hill runs, etc. I'm excited. At that point, I'll feel like an average runner. An average runner doesn't run marathons. But I won't be an average runner long. I'll continue my progression until I'm running marathons.

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