Tuesday, December 6, 2011

13 Laps

It may have been twelve laps. I think it was thirteen, but lap three may have been only two. I was only going to run twelve laps, but to make sure I didn't cheat, I slapped on an extra lap at the end, making it thirteen. I'm training myself to persevere. I used to be one to take the easy way out, but not anymore. However, I'm pretty sure I didn't miscount.

My form is becoming more relaxed, which is good. I was very aware of my breathing and posture. I'm slowly learning what good posture feels like. I feel like form becomes easier with speed. On lap thirteen, I sped up to almost a sprint. I feel more control at a sprint. I hardly bounce, I breathe fine, and I just feel good. Plus, the fact that I can run farther than I've ever run in my life, feel worn out, and finish it off with a sprint, says either my distance-running form needs work or that there's just something about sprinting that feels good.

There was no soreness or anything. I felt sort of tired early on, but once again, I felt about the same the whole way through. I wasn't dead at the end.

I read a couple review of the upcoming New Balance Minimus Zero Trail and Road shoes. They were positive. I'm glad that more companies are releasing legitimate minimalist shoes. I like to think that as more and more come out and more and more people are buying them, the price will go down.

My aqua lites are plenty for me, though.

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