Sunday, September 18, 2011

Noo Runner?

I'm 26 and I am a new runner. All my life, I have wanted to be one, but I never started. Now is my time. I have been running almost every morning for the past week and I intend to continue for the rest of my life. I have only been running a mile, but that's an improvement. Actually, I'm doing a combination of walking and running, but that's the best I've ever done. I am proud.

The reason why I want to run is because everyone who does seems to love it. And girls who run are usually more attractive. I figure the same goes for guys. I want to feel better and enjoy sports more when I am with friends. I want to get that runner's high that people talk about. In Born to Run, the author talks about how the secret to overcoming something you hate is to love it. I've always hated being out of breath. I have never enjoyed straining myself. I liked being comfortable. Now I want to enjoy exercise.

That is why I am running. I have discovered that I can accomplish anything I want to accomplish as long as I put in the time and effort. I know that I can become a runner.

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